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5G Research

Reimagine 5G Roadmap 2019-2025

Global 5G Network Planned, Tests, Trials and Deployments, 5G Network Optimization and Planning, 5G Network Operator Investments. Spectrum Market Strategy and Opportunity, Harmonizing Spectrum Bands For 5G, 5G Deployments Security Concerns Challenges and Solutions, Global 5G Network Planned, Tests, Trials and Deployments, 5G Chipset and 5G Infrastructure Market, Advance in AI, IoT to Push 5G Chipset Market, 5G New Radio (NR) Networks Outlook & C-V2X Application Layer Challenges and Solution, C-V2X Commercial Deployment snapshot and 5G Fixed Wireless Access Market 2019 to 2025

Al: Big Boost For Telecom Forecast 2018-2026

Artificial Intelligence use cases for Telco and Next Generation Artificial Intelligence uses cases for telcos. Artificial Intelligence in Telecom, Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Transformation of Telcos and MNOs Investment forecast in Artificial Intelligence. A Big Networks: machine Learning for 5G Telcos and Machine Learning Advance Theory Help Network Operators. Mobile Edge Computing – roadmap Towards 5G Networks and Holograms, the future of 5G media technology. Artificial Intelligence : Big Boost for Telecom 2018-2026 will be cover with 200+ Forecasts, 150+ Advisories.

Telecom Market research

IoT In Telecom Industry Market Assessment and Forecast 2018-2023

 IoT in Telecom industry and Mobile IoT Market Challenges, Growth and Strategies, IoT Market Trends and Developments 2018-2022. Global IoT Revenue Forecast by Region and IoT Connectivity Market, Drivers and IoT Connected Devices Base Forecast 2018 to 2025. Global B2B Economic Impact of IoT and IoT Platform Market Size Forecast 2018-2022. Global LPWA Connections Forecast by Region, Network Growth, Security Risk and Global IoT Security Spending Forecast 2018-2022. IoT Market Size and Growth Forecast, Cellular IoT Market Growth and IoT Installed Base by Region.

Telecom industry research

Global Mobile Network Operator Directory 2018

 In the Mobile Network Operator Directory details of MNOs- Brand Name/ Company Address/ Foundation/Telecom Specialities, Company Web Address, Online Presence/ E-Mail Address – Subscribers Growth and Revenue, C Level Decision Makers/ Management Contacts/ Company Profile/ Company Size and Services.

The Future Roadmap of Cloud Services 2017-2021

Global Cloud and Data Centre Market Challenges, Growth and Strategies, Global Cloud Market Forecast 2017-2021. Next Generation Most Disruptive Technologies and Future Business Transformation Cloud-SaaS/ PaaS/ IaaS 2017-2021. SaaS for Supply Chain Management Market Size and Saas/ PaaS/ IaaS Deployed Global Cloud Service Forecasts 2017-2021 Global Data Center and Cloud IP Traffic Growth 2017-2021. Cloud Computing Strategy Forecasts 2017-2020 and Global Cloud Traffic Trends by Region 2017-2021

Telecom market research

LTE Advanced Pro Roadmap Towards 5G

New market deployment progress and deployment planning, strategic implementation, higher frequency bands and Up Spectrum, Spectrum Deployment 2017-2021. LTE: Market Trends, market size and revenues forecasts of the IoT 2017-2020, Deployment of LTE-M Status, M2M Market Forecast 2017-2021. GSM/HSPA/LTE and 5G forecast Subscriptions 2017-2021, V2X Market Challenges, LTE Broadcast Technology – Trials and Early Deployments Case Studies about saturating and emerging markets.

Telecom market research


LTE- Advanced: Future Mobile Industry Evolution

LTE Advanced Market Challenges and Growth Strategies, LTE Advanced Pricing Strategy, Subscribers, Revenues and ARPUs Forecast Coverage 2016-2019. 4G Smartphones, Devices Market and Vendors Market Shares, LTE-Advanced Technology Infrastructure, LTE Future Deployment – TD LTE, FDD LTE; Spectrum Harmonization. Post Deployments LTE and Voice Deployments Challenges, LTE Advanced Network Architecture Evolution, Backhaul Evolution, Cloud Services, 4G LTE Advanced Network Spectrum Deployments.

Telecom industry research


The Future Market Rise- mCommerce and mPayments

Mobile Commerce Innovative Ways of Revenue; Sales, Subscribers growth 2016-2020. mPayments Challenges; Issues. Global mPayments Users Forecast; Market Share 2016-2020. M–Commerce in Insurance Industry, Roadmaps of Mobile Advertising, eCommerce Mobile Market Share; Retail Sales Share 2016-2020. Advanced M–Commerce for Device maker; Apps Market,Revolution of M–Commerce Device, Online shopping apps, Mobile Banking; Mobile Security.

Telecom Industry research


Mobile Roaming Around The World

 The Mobile Roaming market will continue to expand on a global level, and provide number of businesses worldwide roaming solutions.In this research report covers Mobile Roaming market revenues, pricing, plans forecast by Maxvey over the period 2016-2019.These  reports contains Figures, Tables and Charts that add visual analysis in order to explain developing trends within the roaming market.