Syndicated research

Welcome to Maxvey custom research services. The leading supplier of Telecommunications Industry analysis  and Market Research Report devoted to the evolving global industry.

We Expertise Custom Research:

We offer a unique combination of expertise in state of the art consumer market research tools along with a deep knowledge of the interplay between the youth/family, new media, and education markets. In addition, we have extensive experience in other market segments, especially research among executives and hard to reach populations.

We also designs and executes customised single-client market research programs that provide cost-effective and compelling market intelligence to Telecom industry participants engaged in periodic strategic planning.

Our Custom Solutions:

One of the greatest strengths in our research approach is that our qualitative and quantitative researchers,

Quantitative Research:

We employ a multitude of data collection techniques including online surveys, telephone interviews,mixed methods like telephone to online, intercepts and even mail surveys on occasion.

Some of the analytical tools we use include:

  • Derived Importance
  • Brand and Correspondence
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Choice Modeling
  • Factor Analysis
  • Other Types of Multivariate Analysis

Qualitative Research:

Our qualitative research is often used early in planning and design processes, to test product concepts, to test usability, and for similar purposes. We conduct focus groups, individual interviews and usability labs to obtain rich feedback on product concepts, designs, and marketing messages. We also offer qualitative research in order to generate concrete guidance on, and validation of, existing prototype services and products. Our usability studies can include both group and/or individual interviews, and often have unique elements when we conduct them for clients.

Our Clients